WiFi Network Security Auditing

We perform security audits on wireless WiFi networks. Through this service we offer our customers, according to their needs:

  • Advice so that our client can implement wireless networks with their security fully guaranteed.
  • Consulting and security recommendations for the implementation and deployment of wireless networks.
  • For those companies that already have wireless networks installed, we offer cybersecurity audits. We carry out various tests to detect and exploit vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, etc. in order to provide the appropriate measures to secure them, thus avoiding unauthorized access to the network by cybercriminals who wish to misuse it by altering the integrity of the data of the organization and its customers; denying service and accessible resources; or by acquiring sensitive information from connected customers with which to subsequently damage corporate image.

Wifi Network Auditing details

By carrying out a wireless network audit we will attain:

  • The identification and exploitation of existing vulnerabilities in the network.
  • Misconfigurations that affect security and performance.
  • Analysis and verification of technical controls and security policies for wireless networks.
  • Physical range analysis and instructions for performance optimization.
  • Technical and executive reports containing the vulnerabilities and critical issues found within the network.
  • Instructions on how to mitigate any detected vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

In our audits, in addition to performing a security analysis to verify the different technical controls, we also carry out tests to detect and mitigate the main threats presented by these infrastructures.

  • Access points to public Wi-Fi communications networks.
  • Communications networks with obsolete encryption (WEP, WPA, etc.).
  • Device key generation with unsafe algorithms.
  • Weak and/or dictionary-based access credentials.
  • Insecure authentication configurations (LEAP, PEAP-MD5, etc.).
  • Devices with activated Wi-Fi protected setup PIN support.
  • Wi-Fi networks and unauthorised access points.
  • Unprotected hotspot portals due to misconfiguration and/or development of unsecured code.
  • Clients attempting to connect to insecure networks.
  • Excessive WiFi network coverage.

All of our audits consist of a complete analysis carried out by a team of experts, who will assess all exploited parameters in order to take corrective actions so that your networks are shielded and secured against cyber threats.

One aspect that sets us apart from our competitors is that we are able to exploit the detected vulnerabilities, eliminating false positives and not making the exercise merely theoretical. If vulnerabilities have been found in the first audit, a second audit is recommended in order to verify that any defects have been resolved.

Contact us to request a quote and determine the WiFi security tests necessary to evaluate your company or organization’s wireless network.

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