Cybersecurity Awareness Course for Businesses



Course category

Training and Awareness




Course Description

This is a training course in Cybersecurity and Digital Protection awareness for companies. You can download the presentation of the course through the following link:

You can see some of the resources used for the course in the following link:

Course aims

  • This course provides the necessary knowledge at a conceptual and practical level to be able to prevent the most common attacks by cybercriminals.
  • With this course, you will acquire the necessary knowledge with regards to the standard methodology of the most common types of attacks that an individual can suffer when connected to the Internet (phishing, social networks, etc.).
  • This course presents a mainly theoretical-practical approach, with explanatory videos,in order to facilitate the student’s learning and the application of the acquired knowledge.
  • The course includes internationally recognized steps, standards and best practices in cybersecurity awareness to comply with.


  • Each lesson will be imparted using explanatory videos made by the author.
  • The student will take a final test in order to demonstrate his or her progress in the course.