Vulnerability Assessment

Through this service, an analysis of critical aspects of your company's IT infrastructure is carried out. These critical aspects constitute possible threats that should be solved, since they constitute possible attack vectors for malicious third parties who want to compromise your company's assets.

In short, the aim is to detect different types of vulnerabilities that may pose a threat to the security of your information and that of your customers.

Through the use of specific tools, different software and hardware components are analyzed, achieving the following objectives:

• To discover existing cybersecurity threats and attack vectors.
• To acquire a global vision of the company's security status.
• To recognise risks and the degree of exposure to different types of cyber-attacks.
• To adjust technical resources to anticipate security problems.
• To improve the cybersecurity of the technological infrastructure.

Once all the tests have been completed, studies will be carried out to identify possible attack vectors that could be exploited by cybercriminals to compromise your company's assets. Finally, a detailed report will be delivered to the client with all the details of the tests performed, together with the final conclusions and the corresponding proposals for improvements and corrective measures.