Master SOC on BOX: Implementation of a SIEM/SOC service – (Part 2).

1. Introduction to the Master SOC on BOX.

The concept of Master SOC on BOX refers to a condensed design of a Security Operations Center (SOC) that integrates all the critical functionalities and tools of a conventional SOC into a compact infrastructure. This results in cost savings both in installation and operation while maintaining the integrity and security of a traditional SOC.

In the next section, the operation of this SIEM/SOC Service is shown, taking advantage of the versatility of the ELK stack, which is composed of powerful tools such as “Elasticsearch”, “Logstash”, and “Kibana”. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the ELK stack has been complemented with a suite of industry-leading security solutions, including “Wazuh” for host intrusion detection, “Suricata” for network monitoring, “Sophos” for advanced threat protection, and “ElastAlert” for efficient alert management. Together, these components work in synergy to provide comprehensive surveillance, from prevention and real-time threat detection to rapid response and incident mitigation.

This implementation strengthens the IT infrastructure, providing tools to prevent security breaches and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

You can see first part of Master SOC on BOX in the following link:

2. Demonstration of the operation of the Master SOC on BOX

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