Ethical Hacking Lab

We provide you with an innovative laboratory consisting of a range of machines with different operating systems and vulnerabilities relevant to the business environment, with which to evaluate different fields of cybersecurity at different levels.

This vulnerability laboratory is aimed at all those IT lovers, enthusiasts and professionals who want to improve their skills in cybersecurity, and focus more on ethical hacking. It is also aimed at companies that wish to train their employees or discover new talents. It is a good option for companies that require experts in information security. By using our laboratory as a recruitment system your company is guaranteed to find what they are looking for through an objective test of knowledge in cybersecurity.

All our plans include full unlimited access to the lab.

When you compromise the security of all machines included in the lab you will receive a certificate of achievement.

In order to get the most out of the lab and to strengthen and increase your solid knowledge of ethical hacking, enrolling in our Introduction to Cybersecurity or Advanced Offensive Cybersecurity courses is recommended to further hone your skills. Anyone that can successfully compromise all vulnerable machines in the lab will receive a certificate of achievement.

Available plans

1 month access, 3 month access, 6 month access, 9 month access


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